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As times have changed and the car industry has evolved, the way hot rods are made and repaired has changed too. Years ago, hot rod owners would make their own parts, but now you can order many things already designed for performance. Dale works hard to make fast cars on a limited budget. He tries to stay as close as possible to the original parts with as much power as possible. He also aims to overbuild to ensure you are not going to break something running down the road or on the track. Lots of parts you may order or find for your hot rod are low-end and prone to fail when under stress. Dale does not use parts like that in his hot rods at 180 Rod Shop in Lamesa.

At 180 Rod Shop, we handle everything your hot rod or classic car could need. From helping you build out a long-lasting, fast, and reliable engine to paint jobs, conversions, and repairs, Dale at 180 Rod Shop can help do it all.

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